Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw Buying Guide

Cordless Reciprocating saws or Sawzalls are dynamic tools that can enable an operator to execute a wide variety of cutting jobs, that range from industrial work to domestic pruning or wood-cutting. Due to the vastness of their operation, the market is flooded with models that have superior quality, performance, and comfort features, and selecting one that fulfills your requirements can sound like too much research.

To aid you in this quest, we have condensed hours worth of research and developed this comprehensive buying guide. If you are looking for the best cordless reciprocating Sawzall then do not miss out on these features.

Long-Lasting Battery

The logic behind buying a cordless tool is getting rid of the restrictions posed by cords. This benefit can only be reaped if the cordless reciprocating saw you buy has an effective battery- one that does not need a charge every thirty minutes when you are working on an important project.

Look for a cordless reciprocating Sawzall that has a high-quality battery, which can both store more charge, and that too for a longer period of time. You can also consider buying a tool that comes with an extra battery pack, just for the extra juice. 

Power Sufficiency

Another important feature to give a thoughtful evaluation before investing in a cordless reciprocating saw is its power level. This depends on the nature of cutting tasks that you have to undertake. If they involve dealing with dense logs, then a powerful motor will be required. So the best trade-off exists when users go for saws that have high-power rating motors so that they can undertake a wide range of tasks, without putting in a manual effort.

Blade Changing Convenience

After long hours of usage, the blades on a battery-operated Sawzall go blunt, making users unable to work any further. This instance requires a blade change, and if you have a saw that does not facilitate an efficient blade change then you are set to waste a lot of time and resources.

The advice is to look for cordless reciprocating saws that boast features such as a tool-less blade change. These models have convenient clamps that can both grip and set the blades free whenever a blade adjustment is required.

Structural Design And Integrity

Durability and robustness is a sought-out feature when buying cordless reciprocating Sawzalls. Because of the nature of work saws carry out, they are always at a threat of enduring erratic stress and wear-out, and if the tool does not have a durable build-quality and structural design, then you can lose out on your investment quite quickly.

Make sure to shortlist products that have a good weight-to-size ratio. Lightweight design helps you with both handling and less-fatigue while operating. The size of the tool is also important as it determines the length of tasks that you will be able to undertake. A mini saw cannot really gorge down a dense tree, so make sure to buy an appropriate size.

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