10 Best Sawzall Blades Choices [2022] For Smooth Cuts

best sawzall blades

Are you tired of the constant maintenance your tools demand after every other instance if usage? Investing heavily in good machinery always pays off if you are a professional worker or even a DIY enthusiast. The basic requirement for a good workflow with fluent and efficient performance is explicitly opting for the best machinery or equipment for your relative field.

For most professionals who are in the realm of cutting and sawing applications, the selection of best reciprocating saws is the basic essential when it comes to their proper livelihood and maintaining work quality.

Whether you are a skilled worker, professional, or a DIY enthusiast, the selection of the most appropriate tool for your daily usage is of utmost importance. Every handyman loves to have the best equipment for their work but investing in good machinery is not the only thing you must look for.

A careful and though examination of the proper accessories is also highly crucial. For reciprocating saws, the selection of the best blades is necessary in order to achieve brilliant craftsmanship and fine finishes. Preventing hazards, and performing efficiently greatly depends on this selection.

After a thorough examination and a detailed review of the seasoned professionals of the tooling world, we have compiled a list of the best Sawzall blades for reciprocating saws just for you! This organized buying guide will facilitate you in your buying decisions and able you to pick the best Sawzall blades most suitable for your particular application needs.

Top Best Sawzall Blades Comparison Table

Sr. NoPreview
1WORKPRO 32-PieceWORKPRO 32-Piece
2HORUSDY 34-PieceHORUSDY 34-Piece
3Milwaukee 49-22-1129 Milwaukee 49-22-1129
5Caliastro 9wp5Caliastro 9wp5
6DiabloFreud DS0903CP3 Diablo
8Diablo DS0912BW25 Demon Diablo DS0912BW25 Demon
9Freud DS0014S Freud DS0014S
10Bosch RAP7PKBosch RAP7PK

1. WORKPRO 32-Piece – Best Sawzall Blades for Thick Cutting

WORKPRO 32-Piece - Best Sawzall Blades for Thick Cutting

For all those meticulous persons out there who pay serious attention to proper and neat maintenance of their tools, the WORKPRO is the best solution. If a major part of your job requires you to have a cordless reciprocating saw, look no further because the WORKPRO saw blades come with a bonus organizer pouch just for you!. 

The proper handling and carrying of these blades will not only keep them safe from dulling and wearing but also prove quite helpful when your work involves constant maneuver. In addition to this user-friendly pouch, the WORKPRO blade series provide various types for fulfilling the multidimensional cutting need of the workers. The wood cutting types are entirely made of Cr-V for coarse and nail-free applications.

Similar to metal cutting blades, this blade set is constructed using bi-metal for extra durability and strength that will slice through any metal like a hot knife through butter. The utility does not end here as the structure of these blades is so versatile that they are compatible with all the reciprocating saw brands, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them for different jobs.  

These blades also come in a 24 TPI version which will provide you with high-class finishes and extra precision in your cutting operations. Ideal for cutting operations involving metals, plastics, and dry walls, these blades come in nine different variants and are guaranteed to satisfy your various cutting needs efficiently.


  • Optimized weight for easy applications.
  • 24 TPI variation is available for fine finishes.
  • Organizer pouch for efficient carrying.
  • Different types are available for various wood and metal cutting applications.


  • Woodcutting blades are not suitable for specimens containing nails.

2. HORUSDY 34-Piece – Best Durable Steel Sawzall Blades

HORUSDY 34-Piece - Best Durable Steel Sawzall Blades

When it comes to great utility and muti-functionality, the HORUDSY blades have made their impact in the tooling accessories market through their versatile tooling blades and customer service. These blades that come in a set of 34 also carry a special saw blade bag for easy maneuver and organized service. 

Their special wood pruning blades are designed specifically for efficient and faster woodcutting with a high-quality HCS built. For all your garden maintenance procedures and tree shaping needs, these blades are among the best ones, providing top-notch performance. An all-in-one set provides greater versatility and utility for various applications.

Apart from their varied types, these blades are super-compatible with all the best reciprocating Sawzall options out there. With a simple installment procedure, they are very user-friendly. The ergonomics are also carefully considered and color coding is used for differentiating various blade types. Their orange pruning blades have gathered many positive reviews from fans over the years.  

For metal cutting blades, black color coding is used. This innovative color-coding idea will help greatly in streamlining your workflow by providing quick replacement selections. The metal cutting blades are made of strengthened bi-metal that makes them durable and shatter-resistant during high workloads.


  • Blade carrying bag included for easy handling.
  • A color-coding technique that provides a smooth workflow.
  • Special pruning blades that offer great utility and muti-functions.
  • High-quality HCS built for faster wood cutting. 


  • Lack of kerf in metal cutting blades may cause slow cutting due to friction.

3. Milwaukee 49-22-1129 – Best Top Rated Sawzall Blades

Milwaukee 49-22-1129 - Best Top Rated Sawzall Blades

If your cutting applications involve heavy-duty work on hard metals for extreme cutting purposes, the extra hardened saw blades provided by the Milwaukee tooling are the best choice for you. With its sturdy and compact construction, these blades will power through any metal you need to work on.

The wide bi-metal blades with thickness ranging from 0.42 inches to 0.62 inches provide vigorous cutting and achieve straighter cuts cleanly. Its small length of only 1 inch makes it more durable and strong for slicing through heavy metals easily.

The makers at Milwaukee also include a handy pouch having five spacious storage compartments for efficient storage and carrying. The short and sturdy construction stops them from bending and warping in even the most extreme cutting operations sustaining heavier feed efficiently. 

Wide teeth provide bending and shatter resistance so they are perfect for application involving heavier feeds in grueling tasks. While their inch wide body imparts serious strength, they are still able to reach tight spaces and fit easily providing a good degree of precision in your cutting tasks.


  • Thicker blades (0.42-0.62 inch) for bending and warping resistance
  • The heavier sturdy construction is perfect for heavier and extreme cutting tasks
  • 1inch height provides extra strength
  • Includes a handy storage pouch in a pack of 12


  • Prone to shattering and teeth wearing due to non-flexible body.

4. DEWALT DW4856 – Best Cheap Sawzall Blades

DEWALT DW4856 - Best Cheap Sawzall Blades

DEWALT has made its way through the tooling market and has established itself as one of the most extensive tools manufacturing and services providing companies all over the world. Apart from that, their products are well-known to provide great value for money to the users. Their DW 4856 saw blade series carries the same legacy as their cordless saws

These aesthetically designed blades come in a combination set of 6 blades each having a variable pitch and TPI for numerous different multi-purpose applications. For heavier and long-lasting jobs, these blades have a protective coating for extra endurance. They are suitable for all your domestic needs for wood, metal, and drywall applications.

With their optimum height of 6 inches, they prove to be versatile and flexible to all kinds of cutting treatments. They are constructed using the new innovative Raker tooth design that will provide a greater teeth contact area for your cutting tasks and provide faster action. 

Whether you possess a branded electric corded saw or a cordless one, you don’t have to worry about these blades fitting them as they are quite compatible with almost all of the reciprocating saw brands out there. For easier use, these blades are optimized in terms of their weight which is 0.01 ounces. 


  • Innovative raker tooth design for faster cutting
  • Optimum weight ann height for efficient performance in normal usages
  • Protective coating on blades imparts durability
  • Suitable for wood, metal, and drywall applications.


  • Thin blades bend out of shape when working with high pressures.

5. Caliastro 9wp5 – Best Reciprocating Saw Blades for Wood Pruning

Caliastro 9wp5 - Best Reciprocating Saw Blades for Wood Pruning

Sometimes, what you need is a blade with a high material removal rate in order to perform your cutting tasks more quickly. Here is where the 5 pack set of 9 inch Pro Pruning blades come in the equation. Not only are they perfect for applications involving wood cutting and tree pruning, but also they achieve higher cutting rates with greater material removal.

This 5 TPI blade is suitable for applications involving vigorous cutting tasks and not requiring a high-quality finish. Its long length of 9 inches will provide enough cutting edge for your various log cutting jobs. Tree pruning demands the cutting edge to be slightly longer than the log diameter and these blades will surely be up to the task.

Apart from this, the blades are super compatible with all the reciprocating saw brands in the market and are constructed using special techniques that give them a longer life. With their heavy and sturdy steel-based manufacturing, these blades carry superb durability and toughness in them.

The Pro Pruning blades also come with a special carrying case that will keep them organized and safe during transport. The innovative technique used in making these plastic casings allow these blades to be only taken out through a dedicated pulling action and not by shaking. Hence protecting the blades against accidents and harm from scratching.


  • Special casing for organizing and safe locomotion
  • 9-inch height for easy pruning of logs
  • 5 TPI allows greater and faster cuts
  • Durable


  • They lack a premium feel to them some other brands have.

6. Freud DS0903CP3 Diablo – Best Edges Sawzall Blades

Freud DS0903CP3 Diablo - Best Edges Sawzall Blades

When it comes to innovative designs and high durability tooling accessories, Freud is the one to look for. With its high strengthened tools and innovative ideas, they have been among the top-notch tooling giants of the world. The DS0903CP2 blades that come in a pack of 3, are one of their latest and most efficient Sawzall blades.

Their highly strengthened cutting edge with carbide tipping for extra endurance and toughness provides a 50 times longer life than many other competing reciprocating saw blade brands. These rigid blades will power through any material for your toughest jobs while also being long-lasting and durable. They are highly suitable for cleaner wood pruning tasks.

The innovation comes in their special tooth design and geometry. Apart from carbide hardened teeth, they also apply a unique two tooth aggressive geometry which results in faster and effortless cutting actions sustainable at bigger feed and higher pressures.

Various wood pruning applications can be time-consuming and faster chip removal is one of the primary concerns for users whether you are a  DIY worker or a skilled professional. Freud blades have made this easier for you as they possess large gullet sizes between the blade teeth which results in greater and faster removal.


  • Aggressive two teeth design for faster and easier cutting
  • 9 inches long suitable for pruning
  • 50 times longer life due to carbide tipping
  • Large gullet size for higher material removal


  • Only provides one-dimensional cutting

7. EZARC R931GS – Best Sharp Teeth Sawzall Blades

EZARC R931GS - Best Sharp Teeth Sawzall Blades

EZARC has always been among the list of top manufacturers of power tools and workforce services providers. They have provided well constructed, durable, multi-functional and versatile cutting blades to the masses gathering many positive reviews and a dedicated fan following. When looking for a premium blade set, this one is good to go!

Wood pruning is a tough task and involves a lot of hard work. The special ground sharp design imparted on the set teeth of thees blades makes the cutting tasks easier and effortless by providing faster and deeper cuts. These Sawzall blades will surely make it smooth and easier for you to do your pruning tasks. 

Compared to the usual high carbon steel (HCS) built that is preferred for pruning blades, these EZARC blades are built using heat-treated and high-quality chrome vanadium steel (CRV), that provides much longer and robust life. 

Additionally, these blades provide great versatility and perform quite well for wood cutting, tree pruning, garden pruning, and pipe cutting applications. No matter what type and brand you are using for your reciprocating saw, the EZARC blades fit with all kinds of brands and are highly compatible with all of them.


  • Premium quality and features
  • Ground sharp teeth
  • Heat-treated chrome vanadium built
  • Versatile and compatible


  • Teeth might become dull after several usages.

8. Diablo DS0912BW25 Demon – Best Expensive Sawzall Blades

Diablo DS0912BW25 Demon - Best Expensive Sawzall Blades

Diablo is one of the most prominent names in the world tooling accessories. Their hallmark has always been high-quality products with good durability. The DS0912BW25 blades are no different when it comes to sturdy built with premium material. Coming in a pack of 25 blades, these prove to be extremely economical if you are on a tight budget. 

Having an optimum weight of 1.12 ounces, these blades are extra handy and easy to install with the right balance of strength imparted as well. Having a 9-inch length, they are suitable for wood cutting and tree pruning applications. In addition, it has bi-metal construction and a special tooth design to aid you in all your versatile cutting tasks quite efficiently.

All the Diablo blades have the prominent quality of having a protective Perma-Sheild coating on their teeth for extra protection. This particular aspect makes them suitable for cutting applications involving embedded nails and bolts effectively. This not only proves their durability but also makes your work extremely easier and smooth as you don’t have to concern yourself with the nail removing preparatory techniques.

Ergonomically and aesthetically considering, these blades are right up your fancy tooling alley with their sharp red coloring and ultra-fine surface. The great customer service that has gathered Diablo so many positive reviews, comes from the fact that they provide a whole 1-year warranty on most of their products. 


  • Durable and shatter-resistant
  • Great customer service
  • Premium and aesthetic
  • Optimal weight and height


  • Lower quantity than 25 blades can be expected sometimes due to packaging hazards.

9. Freud DS0014S – Best Bi-Metals Reciprocating Blade Set

Freud DS0014S - Best Bi-Metals Reciprocating Blade Set

When it comes to creativity and high-efficiency performances, Freud is among the top companies pricing such services through their innovative blade designs and premium quality built. The most problematic thing while pruning of woods is the embedded nails that immediately get caught in the blade and destroy it. 

This problem is solved by the compact bi-metal built of the Freud blades. This makes them super-efficient and suitable for cutting and pruning nail embedded tress or wood planks. These blades are specifically designed for such applications involving embedded nails and bolts. Moreover, they provide you with up to 4 times longer life as compared to other blades using substandard materials for construction.

Their own, the variable tooth technology is one of the most fascinating and innovative tooth designs that provide faster and straighter cuts quite smoothly with lower vibration levels. With their double teeth geometry and small gullet size, these blades will help in achieving faster and smoother cutting performances while also ensuring a long and durable life.

The nonstick Perma coating helps greatly in reducing friction which ultimately results in lower heat level during cutting. Lower heat levels will keep the blades from reshaping and dulling and will provide gumming resistance for smother applications. It also imparts corrosion resistance to the blade which results in a long and efficient life for these blades. 


  • Special Perma coating to protect from gumming
  • Bi-metal construction imparts durability
  • Work nicely for nail-embedded work jobs 
  • Variable tooth technology that provides faster cutting


  • Blades are prone to bending if used improperly.

10. Bosch RAP7PK – Best Overall Sawzall Blades

Bosch RAP7PK - Best Overall Sawzall Blades

Their advanced and great customer support is what sets the Bosch blades apart from others in the business. The RAP7PK, being one of their finest products, carries the same legacy of customer satisfaction and positive customer reviews all over the world. 

The blades dedicated to the wood cutting tasks are made of high-quality premium materials and are available in the 6 TPI version that will power through the toughest of the logs quite easily and quickly. The 6 teeth per inch provide faster cutting and greater material removal rates. The premium quality HCS used helps in extending the life of these blades substantially. 

The metal cutting blade types are made of bi-metal and have pair setting teeth that not only provide smoother and straighter cuts but also imparts toughness and durability to them. Having a thin kerf of 0.35-inch results in cleaner cuts with finer finishes, highly suitable for odd jobs like domestic maintenance and DIY urges.

They also provide a special model named the demolition saw blade series. In these blades, the bi-metals construction is coupled or paired with other reinforcements as well. These include a variable tooth pitch of 10/14 which will achieve faster cutting and extra durability. The cutting edge is also remodeled in the RAP7PK in which the bi-metal construction is extended to reinforce the cutting edge as well. This will help you in achieving your cutting tasks without any hindrance and maintenance.


  • Bi-metal reinforcements for added durability
  • Small kerf which will provide finer cutting results
  • 6 TPI version for vigorous cutting tasks
  • Comes with variable tooth pitch design for faster cutting


  • Does not provide any sort of warranty on the blades.

Buying Guide 2022 To The Best Sawzall Blades

Whether you are a season tooling expert or a do-it-yourself home-professional, getting your hands on an appropriate power tool might be important, but to really extract the best performance from your saws, you need to get the best Sawzall blades. Choosing the best reciprocating saw blades is important for both successfully executing cutting tasks, and getting an efficient operation.

Selecting the best Sawzall blades has a lot of nuance to it. This decision has to be made on numerous factors such as the material of blades, the material of the subject to be cut, and much more. Given the fact that this can look like a complex task, we have you covered with a comprehensive buying guide, to find the best Sawzall blades.

Blade Material

Material evaluation is an important domain when looking for the best Sawzall blades. There are many options out there but the most common variants revolve around two materials: High Carbon Steel (HCS) and High-Speed Steel. When it comes to HCS, this material is both soft and more flexible, hence providing greater leverage when cutting. So if you have to operate on softer wood and plastics then this is the right choice for you.

HSS cutting blades are heat-treated hence they are much more sturdy than their HCS counterparts. While they can be a little expensive, the life of Sawzall blades made by high-speed steel can last up to five times longer. But, the tradeoff here is that these blades are more prone to breaking because they cannot endure bending. You should hence choose the material according to your cutting requirement.

Blade Length

There are several considerations to keep in mind when selecting the best Sawzall blade cutting length. Firstly, shorter blades are known to be more rigid and powerful, hence they can guarantee a straighter cut. Whereas, longer blades can expend more heat, and have greater flexibility because of the increased surface area. 

To reduce slipping while cutting dense logs, the blade length should always exceed the extent of the object to be cut. However, getting a blade that is too long is also undesirable as these lead to violent wobbling and can potentially cause accidents. 

Blade Thickness

Standard reciprocating saw blades range from 0.035’’ to 0.062’’ depending on the nature of cutting jobs. To figure out where your personalized requirement lies on the thickness scale, understanding how thickness affects blade operation is important.

Thicker blades are more durable and can effectively prevent bending and vibration failures. The sturdy element of their structure also gives them the capacity to sustain heavier feed for grueling jobs. On the other hand, thinner blades, while they are the standard for most cutting tasks, do not pack the extra durability to resist the pressure posed by dense trees and demolition. 

Number of Teeth Per Inch

Sawzall blades are manufactured to have 3-24 teeth-per-inch (TPI). This variable determines the speed at which a reciprocating saw is able to cut, and the quality of cut as well. While a smaller TPI count can generate more cutting power to get quicker results, it leaves rough edges.

On the other hand, blades with a higher TPI count, while cut slowly, they leave a much finer surface once the job has been executed. Metal and dense materials require Sawzall blades that lie within the 12-18 TPI range. To choose the most suitable TPI count for you, evaluate the nature of your cutting task and also the traits of the subject material. 


These are all the best performing blades that can simply help you to restore the sharpness and efficiency of your reciprocating saws. If you find anything confusing which one to buy then our buying guide can surely help you out. Also, they are not much too expensive so go get them right away.