Best Corded Reciprocating Saw

Best Corded Reciprocating Saw- Buying Guide

Before indulging in the quest of buying the best corded reciprocating saw, it is necessary to ask yourself a question, what are you looking for? As simple as this sounds, this can generate a lot of confusion when it comes to selecting a tool, that fulfills all personal requirements.

To aid you in this rather confusing journey, we have crystallized our research into a comprehensive buying guide, that features all the essential attributes that a corded reciprocating saw must possess, before you consider spending money on it. As a rule of thumb, always pay painstaking attention to these areas before considering to buy a tool.

Motor Power

Reciprocating saws are destined to deliver power. If they were to have unreliable, and weak potency motors, then cutting dense logs, or even pruning trees might become a task that would require long hours. Hence, the most important element that you should evaluate, is the ruggedness of the motor of a reciprocating saw, and the power it can develop.

A high cutting power not only guarantees efficient execution of tasks but also makes it easy to maneuver the saw when breezing through its subject. We recommend getting reciprocating saws that have at least a 10 amp motor, so they can undertake both industrial and DIY home tasks.

Cord Quality

The hassle of dealing with poor quality cords can become a barrier between you and effective working. When looking for corded saws, make sure that you pay a considerable deliberation to the type of cords. This evaluation should take into account the length of wire so that you do not have to invest more on extension cords. Also, consider the insulation type and cord material, so you can shield yourself from both a potential electric shock or cord entanglement.

Design Ergonomics

Ergonomics deal with the in-hand feel of any tool. As cutting tasks require a lot of focus and precision, if a reciprocating saw is not designed with crisp ergonomics, then hefty weight and uncomfortable feel can disrupt a good user experience. 

Always buy a power tool that has in-built comfort features, that range from a vibration absorber, to a cushioned grip. After conversing with tool-experts, we also got to know that a reduced weight also helps a lot with handling. 

Speed Control Mechanism

For improved precision and accuracy when carrying out tasks, speed control is necessary. This feature not only allows users to save up on power that would be wasted when executing a small job but also allows for greater consistency. The best corded reciprocating saws will always extend a simple rotary dial, that displays exact values of speed in RPM that can be shifted while working. You should definitely consider this convenience when buying a power-tool.

Variety Of Sawing Movement

The traditional forward and revers cutting strokes are great and dependable, but recently the notorious orbital action has become really popular. With this type of action, the cutting blades can swivel upwards and downwards, along with rocking forward and backward. This becomes really helpful when cutting through thick and dense trees, as an aggressive action is required. So, we recommend that users should search for corded reciprocating saws that have this handy addition.