10 Best Sawzall Blades for Metal Cutting 2023 | Detailed review

best sawzall blades for metal

Whether you are a skilled professional, a construction worker, or a DIY enthusiast, your primary focus is to select the best equipment needed for your job. In the field of tooling and craftsmanship, reciprocating saws are undoubtedly among handymen’s most used tooling machinery, particularly in metal cutting applications.

The durability and performance of these reciprocating saws are highly dependent on the type of Sawzall blades you use for metal cutting. When your job requires as much strength and vigor as a craftsman, you need to rely heavily on the durability of your equipment.

Choosing inappropriate Sawzall blades for metal cutting will result in many recurring problems. Quick wearing off of the blade teeth, dull cutting actions, non-precise cutting performance, slow material removal rate, and rough finishes are the major problems that occur while cutting metals.

The constant changing and buying of these Sawzall blades and the consequent accidents the dull teeth may cause will only cause you distress, and you will not be able to maintain your productivity. Hence, the selection of the best Sawzall blades for metal is crucial for extended productivity and durability.

Luckily for you, we have made the selection process for these blades easier by consulting with the professionals of the tooling world and thoroughly researching the market ourselves. By coupling their opinions with our extended research, we have compiled a list of the best Sawzall blades for metal cutting.

This list will help you select the most appreciated and durable blades for your metal cutting applications.    

Best Sawzall Blades for Metal Comparison Table

2LENOX-Tools-Metal-Cutting-Reciprocating-Saw-Blade-with-Power-Blast-TechnologyLENOX Bi-Metal 20487B818R
3Diablo DS0912BW25 DemonDiablo Steel Demon Bi-Metal
4Janchi sawzall bladeJANCHI S922BF
5Freud DS0914BF25 Steel Demon Bi-Metal Freud DS0914BF25 Steel Demon Bi-Metal
6Bosch-RM618-6-Inch-18T-Metal-Cutting-reciprocating-Saw-Blades-5-PackBosch RM618
7dewalt-bladeDEWALT DWA4186
8KOWOOD S-Series S644DKOWOOD S-Series S644D
9Toolman ReciprocatingToolman S644D
10WORKPRO 32-PieceWORKPRO 32-Piece W000501A

1. EZARC R626PM – Best Cobalt Teeth Metal Sawzall Blades

EZARC R626PM - Best Cobalt Teeth Metal Sawzall Blades

EZARC has been a well-known contester when it comes to the area of power tools and workforce services. They have achieved this level of customer satisfaction with their highly reliable, robust, and efficient saw blades.

One of their finest, the EZARC R626PM Sawzall blade, comes with the highest of qualities for efficient and professional cutting work. 

Exterior Built

These blades come in a pack of five and have long-lasting characteristics owing to their high quality built using high-strength bimetal with cobalt teeth in their manufacturing.

Extremely long life on these blades will provide professional workers and DIY enthusiasts with hindrance-free usage making their work fluent and optimized. 


Its cobalt teeth, paired with high-strength M24 bi-metal, can efficiently handle any heavy-duty cutting job. The additional strength imparts durability while you are working.

It resists the high temperature that results due to friction in heavy metal cutting, rendering the chance of meeting or disfiguring blades under work almost negligible. 

Teeth Assembly

Its sharp teeth geometry, aggressive teeth assembly, and a special shank angle design provide faster cutting speeds with maximum accuracy and minimum tolerance for a highly delicate job. Easier cutting and low tolerance will make any cutting process professional with a high-level finish.

To further increase its utility, the EZARC R626PM comes with a wider and thicker blade design for a stabilized cutting performance. 


  • Highly strengthened with bi-metal and cobalt teeth
  • Precise and smoother cutting due to its sharp teeth design and 14 TPI
  • Long-lasting and durable with M24 metal
  • Wider blades for stable cutting


  • Blades do not fit all brands of saws

2. LENOX Bi-Metal 20487B818R – Best Power Blast Technology Sawzall Blades for Metal

LENOX Bi-Metal 20487B818R - Best Power Blast Technology Sawzall Blades for Metal

LENOX has established itself as one of the eldest and most authentic power tools and accessories manufacturers. All over the world, professionals and DIY workers use LENOX tools for their tooling aspirations.

Its build quality, using bi-metal construction, causes it to last long, providing multiple usages for the consumers. You can integrate with any of the reciprocating saw models, for instance, Dewalt Sawzalls.

Power Blast Technology

With its unique power blast technology, the blade is imparted additional straight for jobs involving heavy cutting and high temperatures for extra resistance and endurance.

This greatly reduces the chances of breakage that can cause serious injuries to the user while damaging the work as well.  

Blade Set Functionality

With a versatile blade set, it can go through most jobs quite easily with a smoother and finer cutting action. Any type of metal ranging from thin to medium can be easily cut through these efficient blades.

This makes it perfect for small-scale cuttings and DIY aspirations. Bimetal manufacturing of these blades provides heat resistance for long jobs as well.


The manufacturers at LENOX have introduced a completely new T2 technology that imparts a degree of flexibility to the blades causing them to endure bends while cutting a wide range of metals.

It provides shatter resistance and has gathered numerous positive reviews regarding its twice-as-long life and efficient cutting action.


  • 18TPI is best for medium-thickness metals
  • Shatter and bending resistance with the new T2 technology
  • Versatile blade for versatile jobs
  • Durable due to bi-metal construction


  • Teeth might get damaged during heavy metal cutting due to its high 18 TPI

3. Diablo Steel Demon Bi-Metal – Best Top Rated Sawzall Blades for Metal

Diablo Steel Demon Bi-Metal - Best Top Rated Sawzall Blades for Metal

Diablo has been one of the most prominent competitors in the realm of power tools and their related accessories. They have developed an ever-growing fan following with their innovative designs and long-lasting products.

Carrying the same tradition, their finest, the Diablo steel demon saw blade, is one of the most versatile and durable sawing blades available on the market.


The diablo steel demon comes in a pack of 25 blades proving to be quite economical. The bi-metal construction imparts extra durability and stent for long-lasting usage.

Its versatile blade design provides maximum performance rendering it ideal for various cutting applications such as auto-dismantling, fire and rescue, and construction and demolition projects.

Perma-Shield Coating

With its additional Perma-Sheild Coating, the maker s at Diablo have provided this model with extra durability, heat, and shatter resistance for long and efficient cutting life. The Diablo steel demon is one of the most durable sets of blades out there.

Variations of 14 and 18 TPI will handle all your innovative needs. 


Keeping up with their tradition, the Diablo steel demon saw blade also includes a 1-year warranty against breakage and shattering. Considering the long and durable life of these blades that come in a pack of 25, the Diablo steel demon is one of the most economical and robust sets of blades available in the market. 


  • Robust bi-metal construction for long life.
  • 1-year warranty with excellent customer service.
  • Pack of 25 for extra usage and budget-friendly/
  • Extra protection through Perma-shield coating.


  • An extra protective layer might cause slow cutting under moderate pressure for heavier metals.

4. JANCHI S922BF – Best Reciprocating Saw Blade for Thick Metals

JANCHI S922BF - Best Reciprocating Saw Blade for Thick Metals

The JANCHI manufacturers are providing valuable tool accessories almost 50% cheaper than other branded products making them one of the fastest-growing market competitors in the field. Their products are on their way to becoming one of the most frequently used products all over the world.

These are used by skilled professionals and domestic DIY enthusiasts. The S922BF saw blade is no different gathering loads of positive reviews and customer satisfaction.

Bi-Metal Construction

Their 14 TPI 6-inch blades and bi-metal construction guarantee you a 50 % extended life due to higher strength than normal HSS, moderate blade length and flexible body will provide you with shatter resistance for longer usages.

A sharp shank angle provides smoother cuts with greater blade contact for maintaining cutting speeds. 

Fast-Cuting Action

Their fast and straight cut action are ideal for heavy metal cuts ranging from 3-8mm for metal sheets and 10-100mm diameter for pipes. The fast-cutting action will help you perform the work in a short time efficiently under a high workload.

The hook angle on these blades allows you to reach even the sharpest corners in your operation. 


The innovative and versatile design of JANCHI blades provides you the liberty to install them with almost all major reciprocating saw brands in the market. Nullifying the need to buy various products will help you save money by investing wisely.

A protective coating is also employed to provide heat resistance as well. 


  • A sharp tip makes it easier to reach corners in plunge cuts.
  • Fast cutting action with a high hook angle allows vigorous cutting.
  • A higher shank angle allows deeper contact for maintaining high speeds.
  • Bi-metal construction and protective layer for extra durability.


  • Not suitable for metals having large bolts.

5. Freud DS0914BF25 Steel Demon Bi-Metal – Best Durable Reciprocating Blade

Freud DS0914BF25 Steel Demon Bi-Metal - Best Durable Reciprocating Blade

Freud has made an impact on the global power tools market through its innovative designs and extra-efficient performances. The DS0914BF25 carries the same reputation with its new and innovative dual tooth design that will provide you with faster cutting and higher material removal rates.

Dual-Blade Design

The dual-blade design comes with a double tooth configuration that will provide you with faster and deeper cuts and a high material removal rate. Its small gullet size imparts extra durability in addition to its bi-metal construction and Perma-shield layer coating.

The Freud blades are also heat-treated for extra detergent and long-lasting application. 

Perma-Shield Feature

The Perma shield stops blades from gumming and melting off while also imparting corrosion resistance. Its full-contact arched design provides you with deeper cuts and high teeth contact for faster working.

More teeth within the material will boost your cutting applications and make them time efficient. 


Coming in a pack of 25 with a variation of TPI options from 14 to 18 coupled with their non0stick Perma coating and dual configuration for cleaner and faster cuts while also imparting durability.

The Freud blade is carrying the tool market by a storm gathering bunch of positive reviews with a huge following of satisfied customers. 


  • Dual tooth blades
  • Double configuration for faster material removal and durability
  • Arched design for more teeth contact and deeper cuts
  • 9-inch blade for longer metals sheets


  • The extra length makes them versatile but susceptible to breakage as well.

6. Bosch RM618 – Best Lightweight Sawzall Blades for Metal Cutting

Bosch RM618 - Best Lightweight Sawzall Blades for Metal Cutting

Bosch is one of the most prominent names in the fields of tool manufacturing and hardware accessories. They have kept their legacy through their innovative designs and efficient tool performances over the years.

Their excellent customer support has gathered them tons of fans, and their Bosch RM618 blades are no different.

Bi-Metal Construction

With their bi-metal construction, pair-setting teeth assembly, and thin kerf, they are guaranteed to provide high durability and smooth cutting operations for every user out there.

Their outstanding blade toughness comes from the sturdy construction of their cutting edge. 

Zero-Degree Hook Angle

With the added feature of a zero-degree hook angle, these fine-quality saw blades would help you perform smoother cutting, resulting in fine cuts for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

These are arguably the most suitable blades and provide many uses when it comes to sheet metal cutting. A 3-degree tilt angle assures optimum TPI and teeth contact for faster operations. 

Pair-Setting Geometry

The pair-setting geometry of the teeth results in deeper, faster cuts and high material removal rate with a long life. The assembly features two teeth facing towards the left, followed by two more facing rightwards.

The flexible and thin bodies of these blades assure a finer cut, less breakage, and easier starts for your cutting requirements. 


  • Uniques pair-setting design assembly for faster cuts.
  • Strengthened cutting edge for durability.
  • Zero degrees hook angle provides various cutting actions for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Optimum tilt angle to guarantee the best teeth contact.


  • Features only in 18 TPI option, which can cause blades to wear off after some time.

7. DEWALT DWA4186 – Best Efficient Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blades

DEWALT DWA4186 - Best Efficient Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blades

If you are looking for the most economical set of blades with great value for money, the DEWALT blades are the ones to go for. They have made their reputation as one of the most affordable and efficient tool manufacturers known with their Dewalt reciprocating saws all over the world.

The DEWALT DWA4186 carries the same legacy through its innovative designs and great prices, coming in a pack of 5.


The proprietary coating on these blades, coupled with their carefully controlled manufacturing process, provides almost 2 times the strength of other competitive blades.

The innovation comes with its unique back angle design and variable pitch options for all your needs. 


The variations available are from 14 to 18 TPI blades, and the back angle design imparts strength with efficient cutting performance. The 1-inch tall blade body and a 0.24-inch thick blade provide extra durability when it comes to long work on heavy duties.

This will prevent breakage and bending when you are performing cutting on heavy parts.

Back-Angle Blade

Thicker blades save you from injuries while cutting, making them ideal for domestic uses and cutting rebar and cold-rolled steel. Featuring a high back angle blade design help you in executing any cutting operation you need with ease and safety. 


  • Back angle design for better cutting
  • Innovative manufacturing process imparting extra strength
  • Variable pitch and TPI provides high utility
  • Long and thick bodies prevent injuries and hazards


  • Thicker blades dull quicker than the thinner ones.

8. KOWOOD S-Series S644D: Best Cheap Sawzall Blades for Metal

KOWOOD S-Series S644D: Best Cheap Sawzall Blades for Metal

Whether you need to cut off a metal sheet or chop off a wooden log, the KOWOOD S-series blades are one of the most versatile and multi-functional blades you can get.

Their various blade designs and multi-purpose tools will fulfill your every cutting need with efficient and fast performance. 

Wide Range Availability

The wide range of these blades ensures optimum and complete compatibility with every reciprocating saw manufacturing brand out there, diminishing the need to look for more blades constantly for every other different operation you perform.

Exterior Built

Their  HCS bi-metal construction makes them durable for long-term usage and will not fail on you during operation. With one of the most prominent varieties of reciprocating saw blades, these KOWOOD tools will perform your different functions without having to research and go through the trouble of finding another product.

Versatility is the key to many professionals out there.


Coming in a pack of 6, with a moderate 6 inches height, these all-purpose sets of blades are one of the cheapest and most economical sets of blades you can ever buy.

The high level of utility comes from the fact that these sets come with a wide range of blade types that will fulfill your every cutting need for various materials.   


  • All-purpose blades 
  • Various multi-functional blades are affordable in a single package.
  • Compatible with all the reciprocating saw brands
  • Affordable and high value for money


  • Medium strength 

9. Toolman S644D – Best Smooth Metal Cutting Sawzall Blades

Toolman S644D - Best Smooth Metal Cutting Sawzall Blades

Toolman manufactured tools have always been among the best due to their versatility, multi-functional uses, and their robust built. The S644D carries the same tradition with its high-quality, high carbon steel manufacturing blades.

They have suitable variations for cutting both woods and metals efficiently. 


Coming in various ranges and types, the most prominent feature of these blades in the low TPI of just 6 teeth per inch which is more robust, shatter-resistant, and tough than any other variant available.

They are perfect for cutting wood and pressure-treated lumber. With a half-inch universal shank, they are compatible with various reciprocating saw brands. 


High resistance toward shattering will provide you with the finest finish for your cutting operations. Moreover, the higher TPI models can cut wood among various other metals and alloys.

Even the metal sheets embedded with hard nails are no match for this tough blade-cutting action. 

Heat-Treated Blades

All the blade variations of 6,14 and 18TPI are heat-treated for extra strength and durability. They are one of the most long-lasting blades for multi-dimensional applications.

One of their finest and latest, the jigsaw blades are on top of the list when it comes to efficient cutting, leaving minimal waste behind. 


  • Comes in 6 TPI having the highest straight and durability.
  • Can cut bolts and nails embedded in sheet metals without breakage and shattering.
  • Heat treatment imparts extra toughness.
  • Caters to various applications involving wood and other heavy metals.


  • Lower compatibility in the 6TPI variant.

10. WORKPRO 32-Piece W000501A – Best Overall Sawzall Blades for Metal

WORKPRO 32-Piece W000501A - Best Overall Sawzall Blades for Metal

If you are an organized person and prefer to arrange your tool systematically, the WORKPRO blade sets are the best option available for you. The prominent feature of these blades is that they come with a saw blade organizer pouch.

The operating life of these blades is greatly affected by the way you handle them both on the work and off it.

Organizer Pouch

The organizer pouch will keep your blades well organized and help you maintain them for a long time. Apart from a great user-friendly pouch, these blades also have different types to fulfill your different cutting applications on woods and other metals, a perfect combination with high-power reciprocating saws with cords.

The wood cutting blade is made entirely of Cr-V steel and is best for applications involving no nails.

Bi-Metal Construction

The metal blades are made of bi-metal and are tough and durable for extended usage over many years. They can work on various applications and cut a wide range of materials and thicknesses.

The WORKPRO also offers a staggering 24 TPI blades for the finest cuts you could ever achieve for a super fine finish.

Easy-To-Handle Design

The ergonomics are also carefully considered when it comes to WORKPRO blades. They will ensure comfort and ease of handling when in extended usage periods.

Also, the weight of this blade is kept optimum for less tiring operations. 


  • 24 TPI blade for the finest of finishes.
  • Bonus organizer pouch for blades
  • Suitable for wood and metal cutting applications.
  • Ergonomics considerations are up to mark


  • May bend when performing heavy duties. 

Buying Guide 2023: Quick Evaluation Factors To Get Best Sawzall Blades For Metal

After considerable evaluation, the best Sawzall blades for metal cutting need to be selected. If the wrong blade is bought, powering through metal can become a nightmare, as this process generates ample amounts of heat and can potentially lead to blade fracture ate.

Choosing the best Sawzall blades for metal is essential to guarantee a seamless cutting operation. We have developed a personalized buying guide that encompasses all foundational factors that contribute to the decision to buy appropriate reciprocating saw blades for metal. 

That being said, here is our list of the top attributes you should consider when treading the market for some Sawzall blade-metal action:

Blade Durability

There is a reason we have featured blade durability as a top-priority factor. Given the fact that metals are dense, hard, and have a unified grain structure, getting through them requires a lot of sustained power.

The blade you choose for metal cutting must have the capacity to endure the counter-stresses applied by the metal being cut and be sturdy, durable, and dependable.Strength and durability are affected by blade material.

While there are blade variants such as high-carbon steel and high-speed steel, we recommend a blade made out of a mixture of metals (also known as alloy blades) or a bi-material blades. These types of blades are not only durable but can also provide a much smoother cut.

Blade Thickness

Generally, tooling experts suggest that thicker blades are more durable when put to the metal cutting test. But, arbitrarily buying thicker blades can also prove counter-productive.

If you buy a too thick blade, it will not allow enough leverage while handling because of its weight and stiffness, and hence will fracture under sustained pressure. Thin blades are known for their flexibility and efficiency. Because they can swivel around when making a cut, they can absorb excess bending and vibration stresses and can last longer.

We recommend that you go for the best Sawzall blades for metal that are neither too thin nor thick. Finding the perfect balance will guarantee you a good trade-off between stiffness and flexibility.

Teeth Per Inch

The nature of tasks determines the minimum amount of Teeth Per Inch (TPI) that must be present on cutting blades. A general tooling rule states that Sawzall blades that have less than 10 TPI, are only suitable for softer materials such as wood.

These blades can be used for pruning, firewood, or other nail-embedded wood, good to go with a cordless reciprocating saw type.

We suggest that you should look in the range of 14 TPI to 24 TPI for metal-cutting Sawzall blades. Dense metal projects, that require a lot of cutting power will demand a blade that has TPI greater than 18.

Blade Length

The final attribute that you need to evaluate carefully before choosing the best Sawzall blade for metal is blade-length. There is no specific recommendation for this feature because choosing an appropriate blade length depends on the nature of your project and personal preference.

As the length increases from short to long, the blade starts to lose its rigidity and power, however, at the same time, it gains flexibility and heat dissipation.

Given this trade-off, we suggest that you select a blade length that does not compromise on aggressive cutting while at the same time having sufficient maneuverability and heat-expendability.

Signing Off

We hope you now have all the relevant information required to get the best sawzall blades for metal and other tough materials out there. Do not let the performance of your reciprocating saw decline. Get the blades replaced immediately to avoid the loss of time and money.

Matt Hardy

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