10 Best Reciprocating Saws | Exclusive Review 2023

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Gone are the times when tough construction materials like wood, metal, and plastic were cut using handsaws. The manual to-and-fro movements were not only labor-intensive but took ages to execute and disrupted efficient workflow.

Getting your hands on the best reciprocating saw is essential if you are a construction worker or just a DIY home worker. The best reciprocating saws come with powerful motors. These provide thunderous power to ravage through the toughest materials in minimum time.

The introduction of reciprocating saws also called the Sawzall, revolutionized material processing. If you ask seasoned workers about the most important tool in their inventory: the answer will be a Reciprocating saw.

Buying the best Sawzall can be a challenging task. There are dozens of established companies with elaborate product offerings. Each saw comes with a range of features and drawbacks. If you are fed up with making an informed buying decision, then we have you covered.

In this review, we have covered the best reciprocating saws with exceptional blades. Each product is evaluated for a variety of must-have features, and to top it off, we have also included a buying guide.

A reciprocating saw is the ultimate cutting solution, and we will help you find the most suitable one.

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Top Best Reciprocating Saws Comparison Table

3Black and Decker BDCR20CBlack and Decker BDCR20C 20V
7SKILSAW-SPT44A-00-13-Amp-Reciprocating-Saw-with-Buzzkill-Tech-RedSKILSAW SPT44A-00
8Makita-JR3050T-Recipro-Saw-11-AMP-1Makita JR305
9Milwaukee-6519-31-12-Amp-Corded-3000-Strokes-Per-Minute-Reciprocating-SawzallMilwaukee 6358-21
10Bosch PS60-102

1. DEWALT 20V MAX XR – Best Top Rated Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT 20V MAX XR - Best Top Rated Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT is a tool-manufacturing company known for its excellent build quality and innovation. This 20V Dewalt Sawzall lives up to the company name and offers its users a host of dependable features.

It features a compact and lightweight design. This will make your cutting jobs easier and provide more leverage while wielding.

Variable Speed Trigger

This best Sawzall has a variable speed trigger, which can vary between 0-2900 SPM. Users can change the speed setting according to the power requirement and get the most out of their reciprocating saw.

If you are working in less ambient light, then don’t worry because the workflow won’t stop. This reciprocating saw from DEWALT comes with a bright LED light. Illuminate your workspace, and never miss out on fine detail while cutting.

Blade Clamp

The innovative spirit within this reciprocating saw makes it one of the best. This Sawzall comes with a keyless 4-position blade clamp. Where traditional reciprocating saw blade change can be a daunting task, it is not for the DEWALT Reciprocating Saw.

Users can easily perform swift blade changes with this blade clamp and remove blades.

Cutting Efficiency

Offering a 1-⅛” stroke length for versatile cutting jobs, the DEWALT reciprocating saw is perfect for both wood and metal cutting. While cutting, users do not have to worry about losing control.

A pivoting shoe within the machine stabilizes it as you cut. With a length of 14.5 inches, this tool only weighs a mere 5 pounds, making it one of the best reciprocating saws on the market.


  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Variable speed trigger enables versatile operation
  • Perfect for wood and metal cutting
  • Easy blade change
  • It comes with a 3-year industrial-grade warranty


  • The battery pack comes separately

2. TACKLIFE 12V MAX – Best Cheap Reciprocating Saw

TACKLIFE 12V MAX - Best Cheap Reciprocating Saw

Equipped with a state-of-the-art design, the TACKLIFE Reciprocating saw is set to woo professional and domestic workers alike. This tool speaks volumes when it comes to being super-handy.

Lightweight Structure

With a length of 12 inches, it weighs only 3 and a half pounds. The lightweight build offers users operational control, leverage, and effortless operation, even in tight spaces.

Clamping Jaw

Operating a saw can be difficult if sufficient clamping isn’t available. The TACKLIFE Sawzall comes with a clamping jaw. This increases friction while operating and allows users to control the cut angle and position comfortably without compromising security.

This tool comes with a battery percentage indicator to ensure a seamless cordless operation. Users can monitor this level to make sure that they never run out of power and continue working indefinitely.

Fast-Charging Capability

This tool is one of the best reciprocating saws because of its fast-charging capability. Users can cut for thirty minutes by only 1 hour’s worth of charge. The variable speed trigger can shift between a range of 0-2500SPM.

This allows greater cut efficiency, blade control, and freedom to select a power rating that suits the nature of the job.

Operational Safety Feature

The TACKLIFE Sawzall is optimized to provide enhanced operational safety. It comes with a fortified safety switch control. Blades operate only when two buttons are pushed, ensuring your safety.

Maintenance is also convenient with this reciprocating saw. Users can execute rapid blade changes owing to the quick-lock blade technology. Just remove the clamping jaw by using the release button. 


  • Lightweight and Ergonomic design- enables one-hand operation
  • Clamping jaw provides extra gripping friction
  • Fast charging and variable speed trigger
  • Tool-less blade change technology


  • The cutting length is 12 inches 

3. Black and Decker BDCR20C 20V – Best Speed Control Reciprocating Saw

Black and Decker BDCR20C 20V - Best Speed Control Reciprocating Saw

This tool is a great contender if you are looking for the best reciprocating saw that is lightweight and dependable. The Black and Decker Sawzall combines power with convenience like never before.

It offers 0-3000 strokes per minute at a stroke length of ⅞”, which will get most cutting jobs done effortlessly with various timber-cutting uses.

Variable Speed Control

This reciprocating saw also features variable speed control. Users can shift between different speeds to suit the nature of the job without expending excess energy. There is a preinstalled electric brake to enhance gripping friction and control further.

Two features add to the convenient user experience: tool-free blade changes and an adjustable pivoting shoe.

Adjustable Pivot Shoe

The adjustable pivot shoe improves wielding and gives users the leverage to make angular cuts professionally. Tool-free blade changes remove the need to buy extra tools for blade removal.

Simply dislodge the blade using this feature, and cut through any hassle. 

Battery Power

When it comes to battery timing and power, this tool performs as exceptionally as you would expect with top-notch cordless reciprocating saws. Equipped with a 20V battery and charger, the Black and Decker Reciprocating saw charges in nominal time and lasts long.

To top off everything, this tool comes with a two-year professional warranty backed by Black and Decker customer service.


  • Pros
  • Variable speed control for enhanced versatility
  • Pivoting shoe for greater operational control
  • Great battery timing and quick recharge
  • Tool-free blade change


  • Cordless- cannot be used indefinitely

4. EREBUS 20V – Best DIY Reciprocating Saw

EREBUS 20V - Best DIY Reciprocating Saw

EREBUS, a company known for comprehensive tooling solutions, lives up to its name with this reciprocating saw.

Battery Power

The EREBUS Reciprocating saw is equipped with a powerful 20V battery. This battery delivers speeds up to 3200SPM for powerful, controlled, and swift cutting. Users have the freedom to breeze through wood, pipe, and metals without hassle giving you power similar to an electric corded Sawzall.

The 2000mAh battery in this tool comes with a quick charger. Within 1 hour of charging, the tool accumulates enough juice to provide a productive cutting session.

Speed-Lock Button

With the help of a speed-lock button, you can set a desirable cutting speed and operate on a variety of materials, such as PVC and fiberglass, with conviction.

Ergonomic Design

What makes this one of the best Sawzall is its ergonomic design. The comfortable rubber handle provides a firm grip and enhances control. This handle comes with a silicone layer making it suitable for both right and left-handed usage. 

Users can also monitor the battery level while working, owing to the battery percentage indicator.

Blade Change System

Using extra tools to perform a blade change can be frustrating while you are cutting. The EREBUS blade change technology removes this stress factor.

Owing to its lever-actuated blade-changing mechanism, you can swiftly change reciprocating saw blades without buying extra tools. This tool is backed with a two-year professional warranty to enhance user confidence.


  • Powerful battery
  • The speed lock feature enhances user control
  • Ergonomic design offers unparalleled comfort
  • Tool-less blade change


  • Cordless hence cannot be used indefinitely

5. WORK WX550L – Best Overall Reciprocating Saw

WORK WX550L - Best Overall Reciprocating Saw

If you are looking for a tool that offers enhanced versatility, then look no further.

Operational Modes

The WORK WX550L can operate in two modes: as a reciprocating saw and jigsaw. Users just need to use the pivoting push button, and the head shifts between these operational modes.

This tool can be the perfect choice for users that frequently need both modes without spending extra on another tool.

Orbital Cutting Feature

WORK is known for its innovative edge. With this reciprocating saw, you get a trailblazing orbital cutting feature. The swiveling circular motion is super-efficient and can power through most materials.

You can get any job done without wasting extra time and experiencing extra stress endured by your hands.

Compact Design

This reciprocating saw is also compact, durable, and ergonomic, like our Dewalt Cordless ones. With an exhilarating performance, it only weighs 4.2 lbs. Its lightweight design enables enhanced leverage, control, and wielding.

You can maneuver the length easily, make complex cuts in tight spaces, and work for extended periods of time with minimum fatigue.

Blade Compatibility

The feature that makes this one of the best reciprocating saws is the type of blades this tool operates on. You do not need to buy company-made specialized blades every time.

Just step into any hardware store, and buy standard reciprocating saw blades. This ensures that you never run out of cutting blades and enjoy an undisturbed workflow.


  • 2 saws in 1 body
  • Orbital cutting is efficient
  • Ergonomic design and lightweight
  • You can use any company’s blades


  • The orbital cutting mode is a little difficult to master

6. KIMO 20V – Best Battery Performance Sawzall

KIMO 20V - Best Battery Performance Sawzall

Going cordless from a wired Sawzall has never been more beneficial- but when it comes to the KIMO Reciprocating Saw, expect some amazing features. Users can enjoy a quieter experience while working in enclosed spaces.

Battery Life

The cordless experience is further enhanced owing to a long-lasting battery and swift charging feature. Each Li-Ion battery equipped with KIMO power tools is tested for brilliance. Each battery lasts longer and outruns competitors by a fair margin.

Users can use this reciprocating saw with confidence while not having to charge it all the time. A demanding project requires a sustainable power solution, and KIMO provides that with its fully charged 4 Ah battery.

Brushless Motor

The battery is not the only strong selling point of this tool. This reciprocating saw has a brushless motor, which extends the service time and service life by almost a factor of three.

Users do not have to worry about extra power losses and maintenance owing to the sophisticated brushless motor.

Cutting Ability

Utilizing an industrial-grade 1in. Stroke length, this Sawzall can deliver 0-3300SPM, with each stroke executing an enhanced cut. The cutting power generated can breeze through even the thickest of wood with metal saw blades.

You can expect to cut tough wood with dia ranging between 1-6 in. in only a couple of minutes. The build is also integrated with a vibration damper that filters out erratic movements and enables users to enjoy smooth maneuvering.


  • Long-lasting battery with fast charging
  • Brushless motor for seamless performance
  • Lightweight design with less vibration
  • Can cut loads of materials


  • Slightly advanced for beginners

7. SKILSAW SPT44A-00 – Best Vibration Suppression Reciprocating Sawzall

SKILSAW SPT44A-00 - Best Vibration Suppression Reciprocating Sawzall

The SKILSAW 13 Amp reciprocating saw is set to outperform any of its competitors. It comes with a range of sophisticated features, making it a worthy entry in the best Sawzalls.

Vibration Control

The most innovative feature of this saw is its Buzzkill technology, which delivers unparalleled vibration suppression. While cutting through tough materials, excessive vibration can destroy the user experience. Vibration buildup fatigues the hands and reduces the leverage to maneuver around skilfully.

The SKILSAW reciprocating saw cuts through this drawback, dampening vibration with great success. This feature ensures that cuts are sustained and won’t overburden the tool or the user.

Battery Power

With 13 Amps of battery power, enjoy an exhilarating cutting experience combined with fine-quality Sawzall blades. Users can power through even the most resistive materials, regardless of the type. Whether it’s PVC, wood, or fiberglass, this reciprocating saw doesn’t stop.

You can also use the variable speed trigger to increase or decrease the cutting speed, depending on the nature of the material. You will be in control, no matter the material type or thickness.

Debris Deviating Design

Traditional reciprocating saws generate a lot of dust and debris, which can choke the cutting blades and bring about a halt. This is undesirable as it disrupts the workflow.

With the help of innovative body design, dust and debris are deflected away from the bulk of the machine. This removes the need for excessive maintenance and enhances operational life.


  • 13Amp motor provides sufficient power for various applications
  • Buzzkill technology filters our vibration
  • Long operational life and low maintenance
  • Dust-removing design is both comfortable and dependable


  • 13 Amp battery consumes greater electrical power

8. Makita JR3050T – Best Portable Reciprocating Saw

Makita JR3050T - Best Portable Reciprocating Saw

The Makita JR3050 strikes a perfect balance between exhilarating power and lightweight design. With its powerful 11 amp motor, you can power through the toughest material.

Lightweight Built

The build only weighs 7.3 pounds, which means that you will maintain expert maneuvering throughout the operation. Whether you are an industrial worker or a DIY home tinker, this tool is perfect for both situations.

Variable Speed Setting

The blade stroke clocks at 1-⅛ inch, which is suitable for most demanding jobs. Using the variable speed setting, which varies between 0-2800SPM, you can enjoy versatile operation without wasting excess power.

These features are ideal for metal cutting, wood cutting, drywall and plaster, plastics, and demolition applications.

Dust Blower

Accumulation of dust and debris while operating a reciprocating saw can compromise the quality of work. Not only does the line of cut lose its visibility, but there is also a chance for motor seizure.

The Makita reciprocating saw comes with an internal dust blower that filters out the debris and maintain a pristine line of cut sight.

Durable Structure

The structure of this saw is engineered with durable materials. A ball and needle-bearing construction ensures a longer tool life and seamless operation.

The engineers at Makita have also added a protective rubber boot to preserve the motor and bearings from dust accumulation.


  • 11 Amp motor has enough power for tough materials
  • Internal dust blower system removes the need for maintenance
  • Tool-less blade change
  • Variable speed trigger for versatile application


  • Slightly heavy

9. Milwaukee 6358-21 – Best Cutting Performance Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee 6358-21 - Best Cutting Performance Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee is an established name in the domain of power tools. This company focuses on innovative technology and rustic builds to guarantee both power and durability.

Powerful Motor

This reciprocating saw provides a boost of power owing to its thunderous 15 amp motor. Users have enough power output to breeze through even the most daunting materials like dry plaster. 

This is the first reciprocating saw that has introduced a state-of-the-art constant power technology. The motor is optimized to maintain a constant speed and power output when loaded for unparalleled machining performance. 

Overload Protection

Owing to the high-power output of the motor, there are chances of overload. Milwaukee has introduced industrial-grade overload protection to prioritize the safety of both the user and the tool.

This ensures that the motor keeps functioning without seizing, so you enjoy a long-lasting tool.

Gear-Protecting Clutch

While cutting, resistive materials can lock the blades all of a sudden. This situation generates erratic forces that disrupt handling and can be potentially dangerous.

To protect against sudden blade lock, this reciprocating saw has a patented gear-protecting clutch. This addition enhances motor life and user experience overall.


  • 15 amp motor has unmatched performance
  • Industrial-grade overload protection
  • Constant power technology
  • Blade lock prevention system


  • 15 amp motor consumes extra electricity

10. Bosch PS60-102 – Best Compact Reciprocating Saw

Bosch PS60-102 - Best Compact Reciprocating Saw

Working in tight spaces can be frustrating, but not with the Bosch Reciprocating Saw. It is both compact and lightweight. This makes it super easy to wield even in the most demanding situations.

Ergonomic Design

The company has also made ergonomics a priority. With this scintillating battery-powered reciprocating saw, you can enjoy one-handed usage without compromising on comfort and quality of operation.


What makes this one of the best reciprocating saws is its robustness. Although it is lightweight, it is still made of durable materials. This gives it a tough enough structure to cut the most troubling materials, such as copper and conduit.

To ensure operational safety, it comes with a fast-motor brake. This makes way for more accurate and protected cutting.

Advanced Overload Protection

Voltage fluctuation and overloading can be significant problems while using reciprocating saws. To protect against electrical damage, the Bosch Reciprocating Saw comes with an advanced system.

This shields the tool against overheating, overloading, and voltage fluctuation, so your Sawzall lasts a lifetime.

Additional Features

This reciprocating saw also offers operational convenience. It comes with a LED light to illuminate dark workspaces and also has a battery indicator.

You can use this indicator to keep track of your battery level and ensure that the tool never runs out of charge. The saw fortifies against dust, debris, and water with a durable design and build. 


  • Compact and Ergonomic design
  • Tough enough to cut the hardest of materials
  • Advanced protection against electrical overload
  • LED Light and Battery indicator


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs

Buying Guide To The Best Reciprocating Saw In 2023

With a wide variety of Reciprocating saws available in the market, selecting one that fits your requirements can be daunting. After thoughtful evaluation and dialogues with tool experts, we have compiled this personalized buying guide for you, which enlists the must-have features that every reciprocating saw should have.

We have prioritized a perfect balance between performance and operational comfort for our readers.

Power Level

This parameter might just be the most important, depending upon the nature of your use. If you are a professional house builder or carpenter, then you need a saw that can supply a sustained magnitude of thundering cutting torque, such as a 10 amp variant.

However, if you are just a do-it-yourself worker who might just cut PVC pipes, then a relatively weaker saw, like a 5 amp model, would do. When looking for a reciprocating saw, evaluate your power requirement, and buy a saw that complements that.

Cutting Speed

If the saw that you are looking for has a slouched number of strokes it can make per minute, then getting through your tasks would seem like a nightmare. This is why selecting a saw with the right cutting speed is important.

Efficiency is a desirable end whenever working, and cutting speed should be kept in mind when looking for the best reciprocating saws. A casual user might not require a high-speed saw, but a professional worker certainly would.

Safety Considerations

Reciprocating saws are fierce machines that have blades to cut metal with razor-sharp cutting teeth, revolving at high speeds, which is why they should be equipped with robust safety mechanisms. When buying the best reciprocating saw, make sure that it has preventive features like an auto-stop.

These are triggers that force the saw to automatically stop if there is any malfunction so that the user can be protected from an accident. Safety features also prevent the motor from getting damaged; hence they are necessary to protect both the operator and the machine.

Comfort Features

Reciprocating saws can cause loads of operational fatigue, specifically when used for longer periods of time. This is why when buying a reciprocating saw, you should look for comfort features that make your operational endeavors easy to endure. 

Firstly, a reciprocating saw should have cushion grips, making the grip super-comfortable and providing leverage when handling the reciprocating saw. Comfort and safety go hand-in-hand; if you are not comfortable, you might not be able to handle the tool with confidence.

Another comfort offering is an anti-vibration system, that absorbs any erratic movement generated by the motor. This protects your hands from fatigue build-up and also enhances your maneuvering ability.

Operational Convenience

Potential buyers should search for convenience in operation because the less time they spend worrying about maintenance, the more they can focus on their cutting jobs at hand.

Sawzalls can come with a variety of features that expand convenient usages, such as a variable speed controller and a toolless blade change. A variable speed controller allows users to alter their speed according to the job and ensure that excess power is not wasted.

A toolless blade change is also a blessing, as it removes the need to buy special tools for the purpose of executing a blade change. Users should look for these models.

Winding Up

This was because we all had to help you out in finding the best reciprocating Sawzall. All the brands we’ve chosen products from are trusted ones, and we’ve shortlisted them after carefully evaluating their feature.

We hope you have better awareness about various Sawzall available options and how you need to approach the buying process.

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