Best Dewalt Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Buying Guide For Dewalt Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Dewalt power tools are known for their innovative element and dependable performance. But selecting the best Dewalt Cordless Reciprocating Saw can be a troubling task, given the range of products present with similar features. There are some reciprocating saws that stand out from their counterparts, because they have unique characteristics, and we will help you select those.

To assist you in the journey of buying the best Dewalt cordless reciprocating saw, we have channeled hours of research to develop this personalized buying guide. In this section, we have enlisted the most important features that you should look for when ready to buy a Dewalt saw.

Battery Timing

The reason most professionals recommend to go cordless is the portability and convenience this powering option offers. You do not have to worry about the availability of power outlets. But this convenience depends on one variable: a cordless reciprocating saw with a powerful battery.

We recommend that you should carefully evaluate the features of the battery before deciding to buy a Dewalt cordless reciprocating saw. Look for Lithium-Ion batteries as compared to Nickel Cadmium because the former can not only store charge for longer but also recharge quickly. Some Dewalt tools also come with a package of extra rechargeable batteries, which can increase your power backup.

Cutting Speed

All of us know that industrial-grade performance, regardless of the nature of task demands efficiency, and that comes with thundering cutting speed. You need to consider buying a saw that works faster, is efficient, and increases productivity. The standard range of products is under 3,000 strokes per minute.

Bigger jobs will demand a higher benchmark of cutting speed, whereas domestic do-it-yourself projects would not require the same number of strokes per minute. 

Structural Quality

The thing about reciprocating saws is that they have to endure a lot of vibration. When cutting dense materials such as wood and metal, there is a transmission of turbulence to the bulk of the Sawzall. If the structural quality is not durable, you are in for some downtime and loss of productivity.

So, when looking for the best Dewalt reciprocating saw, pay attention to the build-quality. We recommend that you prefer metallic casing with embedded plastic reinforcements for extra sturdiness. Metallic build can not only withstand heavy use but also provide prolonged durability.

Safety Considerations

Dewalt Reciprocating Saws are powerful tools that have the ability to cut down the fiercest of materials, but when left unattended, or used recklessly, they can pose serious risks. To minimize the threat of devastating accidents, you must look for tools that have in-built safety features.

The Dewalt range is known for its focus on safety mechanisms. The best thing you can consider is the blade lock technology, that allows you to force stop the sharp cutting blades, when not in contact with the cutting object.

Comfortable Grip

A reciprocating saw operates at overwhelming speeds, and during operation, handling can get difficult if the grip is uncomfortable. The best Dewalt cordless reciprocating saws should feature an ergonomic grip that offers convincing maneuverability and leverage. You should not compromise on comfort when searching for a power tool because long working hours can become grueling if comfort features are not present.