How to Remove a Broken Blade From a Reciprocating Saw Safely?

how to remove a broken blade from a reciprocating saw

Technology has been evolving so fast with time. Technological tools have made man’s work extremely easy. In our daily routine, we see machine tools related to different fields. Their only purpose is to reduce man’s work and have the work done before or in time. Reciprocating saws also serves the same purpose.

However, in this article, we will address the question of how to remove a broken blade from a reciprocating saw for your feasibility. Reciprocating saws are sometimes known as saber saws. These saws are majorly used to demolish. People tend to use them when hammers and crowbars fail.

The primary use of the reciprocating saw is to cut and rip out the materials around the doors and windows. They are also used in cutting through joints and plasterboards. Reciprocating saws can rip out the old fittings while replacing the windows and the doors. Various blades are involved for cutting through wood, metal, plasterboard, etc. 

We all know that mechanical devices need repair with time. Due to the excessive use of the saw for cutting purposes, the reciprocating saw blade might break. In this situation, there is a need to replace the blade of the reciprocal saw. Many wonder how to remove a broken blade from a reciprocating saw. The process of replacing the blade of the reciprocal saw is not tricky. Some simple steps are involved in the process of removing the blade from the saw.

Steps Involved in Removing the Broken Blade

The steps of removing the blade from the reciprocating saw are not tricky. Some primary steps are involved in the whole process. Let’s have a brief look at the steps involved.

Power Outlet 

The most crucial step of the process is removing the power outlet of the corded reciprocating saw first. This act will ensure that you are entirely safe while proceeding onwards.

Ensure that the power outlet of the saw is off when you start the mechanical work. You are good to go if you are working with a cordless reciprocating saw.

Blade Guard 

A blade guard is involved in some of the reciprocating saws. In that, there is a need to remove the blade guard first. For accessing the blade clamp, the blade guard should be removed.

If this feature is present in the saw, then locate the blade guard on the saw. Press the locking tabs and lift the blade guard to remove it from the saw.

Tension Knob 

The tension knob can be found on the side of the reciprocating saw near where the blade enters and exits the saw.

Loosening this knob will allow you to remove the blade from the clamp more easily.

Removing the Blade

In a reciprocating saw, the blade clamp is located at the bottom. It holds the blade in place. Therefore, to remove the broken blade, there is a need to loosen the clamp screws.

Use a screwdriver or wrench, depending on the type of screws used on the reciprocating saw. 

New Blade 

The process of removing the broken blade is completed. One can fix a new blade on the reciprocating saw by undoing the process. 


As the usage of mechanical devices is increasing with time, they also need maintenance within due time. Thus, the blade is the most normal thing that can get damaged in the reciprocating saw. There is a need to change the blade with time. The blade-changing process of the reciprocating saw is not rugged.

Some ways can be followed in doing so. Moreover, this will make the whole process a lot easier. So this is your answer if you were wondering how to remove a broken blade from a reciprocating saw.

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