DEWALT DWS715 12-Inch Review | 3-Year GTD Miter Saw 2023

DEWALT DWS715 Review Summary

DEWALT DWS715 12-Inch Miter Saw Review


  • 15amp motor
  • 48-degree crosscut
  • Positive stops
  • Fence for support
  • Dust port
  • Side handle
  • 3-years warranty


  • Slightly Overpriced

A miter saw is used to precisely cut wood and other materials necessary for doing projects. There are different versions of miter saws available on the market. However, the original miter saw was made up of a saw in a miter box.

Finding a nice miter saw can take some time, but Dewalt’s saw might be a solid option. To learn more about what makes the Dewalt DWS715 miter saw so exceptional, read our in-depth review. The motor of the Dewalt DWS715 is strong and spins the blade quickly. You can also check the best Dewalt reciprocating saws for your other projects.

The miter gauge’s 14 stops let you rapidly make angled cuts. A variety of accessories increases its portability and adaptability. Power tool industry supremacy is a reputation that the Dewalt brand has on a global scale. The instruments they use are striking yellow and black colors, making their creative items simple to identify.

What makes DEWALT DWS715 Unique?

A motor of 15amp powers Dewalt DWS715. Thengineor has a 6-foot cord that allows you to plug it into a power outlet with a 120V energy source. The blade has the capacity to spin at a maximum speed of 4000 RPM. This motor’s speed is just fantastic. To learn more about the perfect and adaptable miter saw, read our in-depth DEWALT DWS715 12-Inch miter saw review.

It is also a fantastic option for experienced woodworkers searching for a quality miter saw at an affordable price. It provides a tonne of functionality at a reasonable cost without sacrificing the caliber of the cuts it makes.

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In-Depth DEWALT DWS715 12-Inch Miter Saw Review

The first thing to research and assess before purchasing a top-rated miter saw is its features. It would help if you considered every aspect before making a purchase. The Dewalt’s versatile saw comes with advanced features. Some of the main components are; the powerful motor with stainless steel plates, fence support, lightweight, quick-release vise, and dust extraction port.  

Powerful Motor

Almost any material you need to utilize the saw on can be sliced through with its 15 amp motor. Its sufficient no-load speed of 4000 RPM makes quick work of cutting tasks possible.

This tool’s blade and motor worked nicely together to offer the polish and precision you need. It also works well with an inclined edge, making angled cuts simple.

Crosscut & Blade

The new equipment comes with a 12″ carbide-tipped blade for the beginner-level miter saw. The blade can cross-cut up to 6-12 inches deep. At a 90° vertical angle, the edge might have a little trouble cutting a 28″. The cut is reasonably accurate and simple to produce because of the strong motor. Additionally, the 12″ blade makes it simple to make larger crosscuts.

Positive Stops

It includes 14 positive stops, including stops at the typical cutting angles of 0°, 10°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.25°, and 45°. Additionally, the blade features a bevel feature that enables it to tilt 3° to the right and 45° to the left.

The best use for this miter saw is for its miter and bevel capabilities. When cutting at an angle, you have incredible stability. The cuts need no effort on my part because they are exact and simple to make.

The positive stops will significantly simplify your life. Setting the blade to the typical cutting angles doesn’t take much effort.

Fence Providing Material Support

The long movable fence on this miter saw can support pieces that are up to 512″ from the base. Vertical clamps are another feature of the saw that aid in maintaining the stability of the workpiece on the table. When cutting, it could be adjusted appropriately and executed to guarantee that the workpieces don’t slide laterally.

The addition of vertical clamps is a smart move to increase cutting stability. It works well to prevent the piece from moving on the table as a result of jerks or vibrations, allowing the operator to maintain the necessary precision while running the saw.

Dust Extraction

The Dewalt DWS715 has a dust extraction port to collect the chips made when cutting. It is compatible with the majority of shop vacuums and includes a dust bag to catch these chips. When the dust port is immediately connected, chip collection is aided, keeping the area tidy and clean even after extended use.

Side Handle

The side handle of the miter scale allows the user to rotate the blade while maintaining a secure grasp during cutting. To prevent the user’s hand from coming into contact with the spinning blade, the side handle incorporates a trigger lock mechanism that engages the blade. Additionally, this miter saw includes a blade guard to prevent accidental contact between the user’s hands and the blade while it is in use.

3-Years Warranty is Guaranteed

This product has a 3-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations. Additionally, when you buy this product, the manufacturer offers you a free year of service.

Why should you buy DEWALT DWS715?

The Dewalt DWS715 is a reliable entry-level miter saw from a well-known manufacturer. The product’s strong motor, which quickly spins the blade, is one of its key features. This, combined with the simple tilted and angle adjustments, makes cutting quick and easy, even for beginners. You can increase the functionality of this item based on your needs thanks to the wide range of readily available attachments. This saw has all you need and more if you want to begin your woodworking journey for do-it-yourself projects and home applications.

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