10 Best Miter Saw for Beginners | Review 2023

best miter saw for beginners

Construction is not an ordinary task now. It has been revolutionized since the invention of various gadgets, including hand drills, nail guns, wheelbarrows, saws, etc. Among these tools, the most common is a saw. Whether a person demands a manually operated or electrically-running, these saws cut finely due to tooth edges. This exclusive review will bring Miter saw into the limelight. It will explain its most notable brands, which are highly compatible with beginners. 

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Top Best Miter Saw for Beginners Comparison Table

1DEWALT DWS715 - Best Cheap Miter Saw For BeginnersDEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw Check Latest Price
2DEWALT DCS361BDEWALT 20V Max Check Latest Price
3DEWALT-Miter-Saw-12-Inch-Double-Bevel-Compound-XPS-Cutline-15-Amp-DWS716XPS.pngDEWALT Double bevel saw Check Latest Price
4Skil-10-Dual-Bevel-Sliding-Compound-Miter-Saw-MS6305-00-1.pngSkil 10” Check Latest Price
5ENGiNDOT-Sliding-Miter-Saw-10-Inch-Double-Speed-45003200-RPM-3-BladesLaser-Guide-with-15-Amp-Motor-Single-Bevel-Cut-0°-45°-for-Wood-PVC-or-Soft-Metal-Cutting-Compound-Miter-Saw.pngEngindot Sliding Miter Saw Check Latest Price
6BOSCH-GCM12SD-15-Amp-12-Inch-Corded-Dual-Bevel-Sliding-Glide-Miter-Saw-with-60-Tooth-Saw-Blade.pngBOSCH Glide Miter saw Check Latest Price
7Metabo HPT Miter Saw Check Latest Price
8DEWALT-20V-MAX-7-1-4-Inch-Miter-Saw-Cordless-DCS361M1.pngDEWALT 20V Miter Saw Check Latest Price
9CRAFTSMAN-V20-7-1-4-Inch-Sliding-Miter-Saw-Kit-Cordless-CMCS714M1.pngCRAFTSMAN Miter Saw Check Latest Price
10Makita-XSL05Z-18V-LXT-Lithium-Ion-Brushless-Cordless-6-1-2-COMPACT-Dual-Bevel-Compound-Miter-Saw-with-Laser-TOOL-Only.pngMakita XSL05Z Check Latest Price

1 – DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw – Best Cheap Miter Saw For Beginners

DEWALT DWS715 - Best Cheap Miter Saw For Beginners

Getting an efficient miter saw for angled cuts at an affordable price is rare. However, there is a brand that is keeping its quality even after selling it cheaply. This remarkable saw has the following features;

Building Material

DEWALT Miter saw has stainless steel in its construction. Stainless steel has the characteristic that it will not rust with time. Therefore, this miter saw has a long lifeline and can sustain for years. 

Besides, this saw has a 12-inch miter saw plate. This dimension is sufficient to execute all the construction tasks efficiently. Additionally, this saw has 14 positive stops. 

Tall Sliding Fence

DEWALT Miter saw has a tall sliding fence to support all the construction tasks. Besides, this sliding fence also keeps the base which measures 5 – ½ inches. Apparently, it utilizes a machine base fence support for more efficient delivery of work. 


After reviewing its dimensions, it is concluded that this saw measures 15 inches. Moreover, its cutting dimensions are also impressive. At 90 degrees, it can produce a cross-cut of 2-inches x 8-inches. Further, at 45 degrees, it has the capacity to make 2-inch x 6-inch cut. 


  • Corded electric saw
  • It uses a powerful 15 AMP motor with up to 4000 RPM. 
  • Accuracy in cutting
  • 14 positive stops


  • It measures up to 42.8 pounds

2 – DEWALT 20V Max – Best Overall Miter Saw For Beginners

DEWALT DCS361B - Best Overall Miter Saw For Beginners

Due to its splendid performance, it is the best overall miter saw. Handling a saw can be challenging for beginners. However, with this powerful tool, one should not worry about beginner skills. 

Cutline cross-cut positioning system

Undoubtedly, many beginners need more experience to cut straight. DEWALT 20V Max has introduced a cutline cross-cut positioning system to tackle this situation. The adjustment-free cut line indications allow a user to cut straight. This way, you can cut straight with accuracy. 

Improved cutting accuracy

This efficient tool incorporates the best gadgets to ensure smooth, straight, and accurate cutting. It houses a stainless steel miter detente plate with 11 positive stops. Additionally, it has an oversized bevel scale for bevel angle adjustment. This way, it provides convenience while cutting. 

Lightweight design

What adds convenience when you are cutting with a saw is its lightweight design. This feature allows you to handle all tasks without any significant trouble. DEWALT 20V Max weighs 30 lbs which is easy for you to handle. 

Moreover, this saw is easy to transport and carry. Suppose your saw is in the garage, and you are working outside. You can conveniently take this incredible saw from the garage. 


  • Operates at 20-volt battery
  • Stainless steel blades
  • It weighs only 30 pounds.
  • Cutline cross-cut positioning system


  • The pad can become loose at the threaded rod. 

3 – DEWALT Double bevel saw – Best Top-Rated Miter Saw For Beginners

DEWALT DWS716XPS - Best Top-Rated Miter Saw For Beginners

This top-rated saw presents corded electric equipment to produce fine cuts. Moreover, it houses 14 positive stops to deliver more accuracy. Following are some of its incredible features;

Stainless steel detente plate

Stainless steel is an excellent material if one wants a rust-free gadget. It houses a 12-inch miter saw blade with more accurate cuts. Further, it has a tall sliding fence that supports both the crown and base molding. 

Double-bevel design

The double-bevel design allows you to slide on the right and left sides. It offers a wide range of flexibility in sliding, varying from 0 degrees to 45 degrees. Further, it has a sliding capacity of up to 50 degrees. 

Cam lock handle

DEWALT Double bevel saw has a cam lock handle. It comes along with a detente override for the quick delivery of work. 

Power source

DEWALT Double bevel saw uses a lithium battery that operates at 15 AMPs. It operates at the speed of 3800 RPM. This powerful source produces enough output to sustain the difficult cutting task. 


  • The motor rotates at the speed of 3800 RPM.
  • 6.5 inches blade
  • Cam lock miter handle
  • Powerful 15 AMPs motor


  • It cannot be easy to transport due to its heavy weight. 

4 – Skil 10” – Best Powerful Miter Saw For Beginners

Skil MS6305-00 - Best Powerful Miter Saw For Beginners

Want a powerful miter saw to execute your construction work? Skil 10” saw is here to accomplish your task. It brings the right sliding at the right spot to produce a fine cut.

Powerful Motor

The best feature of this saw is its powerful motor. A Miter saw can only function efficiently if connected to a powerful battery source. Skil 10” saw’s manufacturers have installed a robust power source to do so. Its 15 AMP battery can generate sufficient power to keep it running. 

Dual-Bevel characteristic

What amazes you the most is its dual bevel feature. It allows a saw to stoop on both sides. The minimum and maximum range for sliding are 0 and 45 degrees. Moreover, it can create cuts

 in four positions, which are 48 and 45 degrees on the left and 0 and 45 degrees on the right. 

Accurate cutting

Besides providing robust power, Skil 10” saw aims to produce smooth cuts with no rough edges. It aims to cast shallow and deep cuts at 50 degrees on either the left or right. Further, it acquires a 2 x 12 cutting capacity at 90 degrees. 


  • Stainless steel blades
  • Cut up to 50 degrees
  • Cord length up to 1.83 meters
  • Moto speeds up to 5000 RPM


  • Offers limited warranty

5 – Engindot Sliding Miter Saw – Best Miter Saw With Speed Adjustment For Beginners

Engindot (4500&3200 RPM) - Best Miter Saw With Speed Adjustment For Beginners

Many saws need more speed control and adjustment. On the contrary, Engindot Sliding Miter Saw offers speed adjustments with convenience. 

Adjustable speed

Engindot Sliding Miter Saw offers an adjustable speed option. An operator can modulate its speed between 3200 RPM and 4500 RPM. Moreover, different materials require different speeds for cutting. For instance, wood requires high speed so that blades can cut through its dense layers. 

Additionally, its cutting capacity can also vary. At 90 degrees, it offers a maximum cutting capacity of 3.54 x 13.19 inches. While at 45 degrees, the maximum cutting capacity is 1.77 x 13.19 inches. 

Three powerful blades

Engindot Sliding Miter Saw has three multi-functioning blades. Two blades measure 10”, which is 40T TCT blades. While the third blade, which is a 48T TCT blade, is a multi-purpose one. Whether you are showing cutting skills on wood or metal, you can deliberately use this device. 

Laser Guide feature

At times, when you are working at night, you need to make a straight cut. It happens due to the absence of visible light. However, Engindot Sliding Miter Saw is a remarkable device for those working at night. One can observe a fine cut even in pitch-black darkness due to its laser guidance

Iron Blade Guard

Engindot Sliding Miter Saw allows a free bevel range, varying from 0 to 45 degrees. Moreover, it is efficient enough to cut through any dense object. This sharpness is given by the iron blade, which is equally potent and durable. Further, this iron blade is encapsulated by a sheet to prevent mishaps. 


  • Three powerful blades
  • 24-hours customer service
  • Two adjustable speeds


  • It comes with a two-year warranty

6 – BOSCH Glide Miter saw – Best precise Miter Saw For Beginners

BOSCH GCM12SD - Best Precise Miter Saw For Beginners

Every beginner requires an expert device that works according to their convenience level. Many people opt for reciprocating saws or an oscillating saw, however, miter saws can also prove to be very handy in such scenarios. For them, BOSCH Glide Miter saw is an ideal choice. It serves to deliver the best results with minimum effort. 

Equipped with Axial Glide System

Many miter saws have restricted motions. On the other hand, this equipment provides broader cross-cuts due to its axial glide system. This compact device saves your space while providing the broadest cuts. 

Easy application

Many saws are hard to modulate and adjust. On the contrary, BOSCH Glide Miter saw has an easy application. Besides, it provides ample cutting capacity, including a 6 ½ inch vertical capacity and a 6 ½ inch crown capacity. 


BOSCH Glide Miter saw comes with many additional features, such as;

  •  Carbide-tipped blade
  • Wrench
  • Toolless vertical work clamp
  • Dust bag
  • Vacuum adapter elbow


  • Ergonomic structure
  • Versatile equipment
  • Axial Glide system
  • 14-inch horizontal capacity


  • Hard to handle due to heavy structure

7 – Metabo HPT Miter Saw – Best Accurate Miter Saw For Beginners

Metabo C10FCH2S - Best Accurate Miter Saw For Beginners

If you need an accurate and straight cut, get your hands on Metabo HPT Miter Saw. It delivers precision and accuracy if you desire to perform the cutting task. 

High-Speed Steel

One can find high-speed steel in its making. This building material imparts flexibility and durability to blades. However, these blades are only suitable for cutting wood. It houses a 10” 24T TCT saw blade, which produces favorable cuts. 

Laser Technology

Like any other leading saw manufacturing brand, Metabo HPT Miter Saw also includes laser technology. This feature increases cutting accuracy even in the absence of light. Hence, you can easily handle this apparatus even at night. 

Bevel Angle

Metabo HPT Miter Saw offers a bevel range varying from 0 to 45 degrees. Due to this feasibility, one can achieve precise cuts due to this adjustment. It also includes a miter angle ranging from 0 to 52 degrees. This unique feature makes it a versatile device. 


  • 15 AMP motor
  • 0 to 52 degrees miter angle
  • Laser light for guidance
  • Large pivoting flip fence


  • The recommended surface is only wood

8 – DEWALT 20V Miter Saw – Best Lightweight Miter Saw For Beginners

DEWALT DCS361M1 - Best Lightweight Miter Saw For Beginners

This miter saw is the best lightweight saw as it offers convenience. One can easily transport it without worrying about its weight.

Cross-cut positioning system

It offers adjustment-free cut line indication for producing more straight cuts. Sometimes, beginners are unable to make sharp cuts. DEWALT 20V Miter Saw has incorporated a cutline cross-cut positioning system to overcome this. 

Bevel Adjustment

Bevel adjustment can be tricky for beginners. However, DEWALT 20V Miter Saw has an oversized bevel scale for more accurate adjustments. 

Lightweight design

DEWALT 20V Miter Saw weighs only 31.6 lbs. This lightweight design enables operators to shift it from one place to another. Moreover, it includes durable materials in its construction. That’s why it can sustain any pressure despite its lightweight structure. 


  • Produces 183 cuts on an average
  • Cam lock miter handle
  • Oversized bevel scale
  • Compact and lightweight structure


  • RPMs are relatively less for their battery

9 – CRAFTSMAN Miter Saw – Best High Capacity Miter Saw For Beginners

CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 - Best High Capacity Miter Saw For Beginners

When you want to pursue some robust tasks, CRAFTSMAN Miter Saw is your one-stop place. It provides all the exclusive features to complete this task proficiently. 

Robust Power Source

Certainly, every saw requires a consistent and powerful source to keep it running. Similarly, this unique saw houses the most powerful motor to serve its purpose. Its motor runs at 3800 RPMs and provides continuous power. Due to this incredible output, it can easily cut hardwood or any dense object. 

Sustainable battery

CRAFTSMAN Miter Saw’s battery can sustain for a long time. On a single charge, it can create 585 cuts. It is certainly delivered due to its power input source. Moreover, those cuts are extremely accurate due to 9 casted miter detent stops. 


This high-capacity miter saw is highly portable. It weighs only 21 pounds which makes it portable. Whether working in a garage or some outdoor space, you can easily transport it without help. 


  • Powerful 3800 RPMs motor
  • 90 degrees cross cuts capacity
  • Highly portable design


  • Sometimes it fails to produce fine cuts

10 – Makita XSL05Z – Best Cordless Miter Saw For Beginners

Makita XSL05Z - Best Cordless Miter Saw For Beginners

As a beginner, you don’t want to get into any challenging situation. So far, the most difficult problem is handling cords, especially when working with an electrical-powered saw. In that situation, Makita XSL05Z is an ideal choice for beginners. 


In terms of portability, it is an excellent choice. Every beginner requires a lightweight saw to execute the cutting task efficiently. For them, Makita XSL05Z brings the lightweight saw, which measures only 14.6 lbs. 

Lithium Battery

Makita XSL05Z has a 18V LXT Lithium-ion battery. This fast-acting power source enables an operator to do his job proficiently. Besides, it includes an overload protector to save the battery from damage. The overheat protection system is present in this saw, which looks for any hazardous rise in the temperature. 


Undoubtedly, this saw beats others in terms of convenience. It includes an LED monitor that will provide the battery level. Moreover, the LED illuminator guides you in the absence of light. Further, it has a mini sub-fence that supports the instrument when you are making vertical cuts. 

All these factors indicate that it is efficient enough to provide convenience, satisfaction, and comfort to its operator. 


  • Electric brakes for optimum productivity
  • Aluminum base to enhance sustainability
  • Miter detents at multiple angles
  • Efficient power management system
  • Lithium-ion battery


  • Sometimes battery fails to produce maximum cuts

Best Miter Saw For Beginners – Buyer’s Guide

If you are a beginner, you will need some expert advice regarding miter saw buying. Undoubtedly, your lack of knowledge might prevent you from buying the best miter saw in the marketplace. Therefore, substantial guidance is all that you require at the beginner stage. 

You cannot go straight into buying without looking at the specifications. Therefore, you must know which specifications are important for consideration. This buyer’s guide will walk you through all those exclusive features that you should look for in a miter saw. 

Constructing Material

Most importantly, you must consider the building material used to build the miter saw. The most preferred material for manufacturing saw blades is Stainless steel. It is the most durable material which will prevent rusting action. Moreover, it will help the blades to maintain their saw tooth appearance irrespective of any external force. Check out best Sawzall blades here.

However, the rest of the body can be of any material, including fiberglass or plastic. But you should focus on the main parts such as blades. Therefore, ensure that the saw you are buying must include stainless steel. 


At times, you need to transport the saw to a different location. In that situation, it is mandatory that the saw must be light in weight. Certainly, you cannot move it alone when it’s heavy. Therefore, when you are buying the saw, ensure to check its weight practically before buying it. 

Types of Cutting blades

Cutting blades are the most crucial part of a miter saw. Various types of cutting blades are present in different miter saws. Some of the most notable blades are;

  • Carbon steel blades
  • High-speed steel blades
  • Carbide-tipped miter saw blades
  • Diamond blades
  • Abrasive discs

All these blades possess different characteristics. However, the most popular ones are high-speed steel blades and carbide-tipped miter saw blades. 

Powerful motor

The next salient feature to evaluate is its motor capacity. Every miter saw acquires a motor to keep it running. However, one must ensure its running capacity, the number of cuts in a single charge, and its speed. The average value of a motor’s speed is 3500 RPMs. Therefore, a top-notch motor must rotate at a speed greater than 3500 RPMs. 

Further, each motor is associated with a powerful battery source. The most recommended battery is a lithium-ion battery which works at 15 AMPs. Hence, an efficient cutting tool is always accompanied by a powerful motor and power source. 


A miter saw incorporates a number of blades that can produce the most accurate cross-cuts. When mounted on a board, the miter saw tends to glide over the surface to cut the object smoothly. Moreover, it can rotate vertically while the object stands still in the horizontal position. 

A miter saw accomplishes the most difficult task, which is slicing the densest objects. Therefore, it must be equipped with all the characteristics to cut the object without damaging itself. This exclusive guideline has presented you with the most notable miter saws ruling over the marketplace. Therefore, choose wisely to make the most accurate and precise cuts. 

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