Dewalt DCS367B Review 2023 | 5LB Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Dewalt DCS367B Review Summary

Dewalt DCS367B Review


  • 14-inch compact design
  • LED guiding light
  • 2.5x better runtime
  • Brushless motor
  • Cordless
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • The battery is not included

The Dewalt DCS367B 20V MAX XR Brushless Compact Reciprocating Saw is the ultimate cutting tool with its powerful brushless motor and compact design. This saw delivers exceptional performance in a variety of applications. The four-position blade clamp allows for flush cutting and increased versatility, while the variable speed trigger gives you complete control over the cutting speed. Whether you’re working on a construction site or tackling a home improvement project, the Dewalt DCS367B 20V MAX XR Brushless Compact Reciprocating Saw is a must-have tool for cutting through wood, metal, and other materials with ease.

You must have read about circular saws, oscillating saws, and other varieties of saws that make our work easy, quick, and efficient. But are you familiar with reciprocating saws? If not, this is your stop, or even if you have heard its name, read the full review to find the best reciprocating saw on the market. 

Reciprocating saws, also known as “Sawzall,” are excessively used in the demolition industry to cut heavy trunks of trees, rough metal, and other materials that are hard to cut otherwise. A reciprocating saw comes along with a horizontal blade that moves back and forth to perform the job. These saws are handy and easy to carry while doing the challenging task of wood cutting.

The market has numerous options when it comes to reciprocating saws, but Dewalt’s new updated version of (DCS367B) provides you with the finest and most pleasing output. If you have made up your mind to buy one for yourself, then get ready to read about some exciting features of this tool. 

What does make Dewalt DCS367B unique?

There are a number of different reasons that makes Dewalt’s saw a unique piece on the market. It provides productive results with a minimal pay range. Moreover, it does not require any extra physical assistance to get the job done. It is a cordless reciprocating saw with LED assistance and better runtime than most of its counterparts.

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In-depth Review of Dewalt DCS367B

Before buying any tool or equipment, you need to be aware of every tiny bit of detail. Dewalt’s reciprocating saw is a compact, lightweight tool made to do intricate cuts with high force. It comes with a number of distinct features, for instance, the brushless motor, 2.5x increased runtime, quick and easy blade change, and a variety of other characteristics that make it unique and essential in every household. 

The Compact Design

Design dictates the usage of any saw. Thus, some traditional saws are designed in a way that minimizes their usage. However, some saws such as Dewalt’s reciprocating saw, are compact to perform complex work activities. Its 14.5-inch long compact design easily fits between tight spots and studs, making it a versatile tool.

Keyless 4 Position Blade Change

Changing the blades for different cuttings is an arduous task, to begin with. Nonetheless, Dewalt saws make the work easy for its consumers by introducing a keyless blade change system in four different positions. Now you can easily change the blades and perform different cuts according to your requirement. And the best part is that it doesn’t require a key to change the blades. Make your work and life easy by employing this tool in your life that enables you to quickly do the job. 

Better runtime Dewalt DCS367B with a 20V Cordless battery

Dewalt’s reciprocating saw works with a powerful 20-volt battery. It doesn’t require a 24/7 power supply or a cord cable to do the job. It’s a cordless saw that employs one lithium-ion battery to get done with the job. Moreover, it has a 2.5x more runtime than other reciprocating saws on the market. Thus, enabling you to finish the job in a limited time.  

Lightweight & Portable

Reciprocating saws are mainly used for demolition processes, which are all about working outdoors with continuous tools transport. That’s why to serve the cause; we need a saw which is excessively lightweight, highly portable, and among the best cordless reciprocating saws. What is a better choice than Dewalt’s reciprocating saw that weighs under 5 pounds?  

Furthermore, being a cordless and lightweight saw, you can easily carry Dewalt’s saw into woods and on high-construction buildings to cut the most stubborn materials. 

Variable Speed with more SPM

The updated version of the variable speed trigger delivers 2,900 strokes per minute. The variable speed is made possible with the help of 1-1/ 8 stroke length, which helps in fast and efficient cutting without needing additional support. 

LED Bright Light

Work has no boundary; it is free from the limits of time, light, and place. Similar is the case with professional contractors who work till late hours on sites and in forests to cut down those massive trunks. Therefore, they require a proper light to guide them with their cuts. It is made possible with the help of LED-installed technology, which illuminates bright guiding light to help you cut. 

Brushless and High-speed steel blade

Dewalt’s reciprocating saw comes with a brushless motor which is more energy efficient and prevents heat dissipation by causing less or no friction. Moreover, it also comes with a high-speed steel blade made of durable stainless steel.   

3-year Limited Warranty

Most of the available brands on the market don’t give a warranty to their customers. However, Dewalt’s reciprocating saw, unlike the rest, provides a 3-year limited warranty for the tool. Now you can buy the saw without the fear of wasting your money.

Why should you buy Dewalt DCS367B?

You must have grasped a better understanding of Dewalt’s reciprocating saw by now. You know all the features, their in-depth usage, pros, and cons. With the highly affordable price tag, it’s highly convenient to get all the features with a considerable warranty as well.  The cordless design and lightweight properties of Dewalt (DCS367B) make it easy to use and maneuver, while the long-lasting battery ensures that you can work for extended periods without interruptions. Overall, if you’re looking for reliable and durable saws that will help you tackle a wide range of applications, the Dewalt DCS367B brushless reciprocating saw is a great option that won’t disappoint.

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