DEWALT 20V DCS380B Review 2023 | Anti-Slip Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT 20V DCS380B Review Summary



  • Repel deposition of contaminants
  • Lightweight design
  • Cordless structure
  • Adjustable pivoting show


  • The battery will operate for a limited time

Demolition and construction projects often require specific tools to execute the task. Most often than not, many people use a reciprocating saw for various reasons. The most apparent reason is when hammers and crowbars fail to do their job. 

A reciprocating saw is a hand-held tool that lets you accomplish challenging tasks.

Are you looking for a powerful reciprocating saw?

Read this review to learn about one of the most powerful and efficient reciprocating saws. Dewalt Reciprocating Saw cleanly slices through any dense object. With its smooth backward and forward strokes, you can get the required results in no time. 

Explore what salient features DEWALT 20V DCS380B Reciprocating Saw offers and how it is one of the best reciprocating saws in the market. 

What Makes DEWALT 20V DCS380B Better Than Others?

Dewalt Reciprocating Saw is an all-rounder. It helps to get a streamlined cut without using any guidelines. Most importantly, it helps you to get full control over it. You can get an in-depth and accurate cut despite being a beginner.

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A Deep Insight

Want to get a quick dig into Dewalt Reciprocating Saw? Let’s unveil its exclusive features.

It’s a top-rated reciprocating saw that understands your comfort and ergonomic issues. After working tirelessly for hours, what you are getting in return? Probably, the answer would be a stiff neck, shoulder, and back. 

What if you will get only money in return? Yes, it’s possible.

But how? Let’s find out. 

Dewalt Reciprocating Saw has a cordless system. It means it will not have any heavy-duty motor or grunt. Due to this convenience, you can no longer have a stiff body after working for hours. You will only gain money in the end. 

This reciprocating saw will cut through any material, either wood, metal, or plastic. No matter what’s material, you can get a streamline and in-depth cut. 

At times, contaminants can make the reciprocating saw quite heavy. Dust particles enter the saw and deposit inside. As a result, the saw fails to function. In that situation, Dewalt Reciprocating Saw incorporates oil that repels dust particles and stops their entrance. 

This way, Dewalt Reciprocating Saw is an ideal tool. With it, you can quickly complete your task in no time. Besides, its notable features, it comes at the best price. What are you waiting for? Grab your favorite tool now. 

Significant Features of DEWALT 20V DCS380B

Whether replacing your window or cutting plumbing pipes, you’ll always need a reciprocating saw, not an ordinary one, but Dewalt Reciprocating Saw. Let’s find out what this remarkable reciprocating saw uses offer for you. 


Working with a reciprocating saw is a challenging situation. However, what doubles this trouble is a reciprocating saw wire. Wires exert risk, as they can wrap around your feet, and you can fall. Besides, they also provide hindrances while you are working with the saw. 

Therefore, Dewalt Reciprocating Saw is cordless to relieve you from this stress. Despite being cordless, it still serves the maximum power of 20V. 

Position Blade Clamp

On the reciprocating saw, you can find four positions for changing the blade. Therefore, you can quickly replace blades without using different tools. This unique feature allows you to have a flush cut. Moreover, this positional versatility provides you with smooth and edge-free cutting. 

Stroke Length

In the reciprocating saw, the stroke length bears a significant value. Through its stroke length, you can determine the cutting speed and how well the saw performs. After seeing Dewalt Reciprocating Saw’s stroke length, one can tell it’s a powerful and fast-acting saw. This remarkable reciprocating saw has a stroke length of 1 – ⅛ inches. Hence, it allows the reciprocating saw to have a fast cutting speed with in-depth cuts. 

Comfortable Grip

You can perform a task efficiently as long as you are comfortable with it. Dewalt Reciprocating Saw offers a rubber handle for holding the saw. The handle is anti-slip and provides a strong grip and support. 

Repel Contaminants

Primarily, its shaft has a double oil sealing. As a result, it repels contaminants and prevents their absorption. Otherwise, contaminants and dust particles can interfere with the normal working of the reciprocating saw. The oil tends to form a layer and prevents the entrance of dust. 

Pivoting Shoe

Typically, Dewalt Reciprocating Saw has an adjustable pivoting shoe. It allows you to control the length and depth of each cut. Besides, it also enhances the blade’s life, as it prevents material waste. The pivoting shoe holds flexible objects in its place to offer controlled and smooth cuts. 


Many reciprocating saws are hard to transport due to their heavy weight. Significantly, it can impact your working potential. Everyone works according to feasibility and comfort level. Suppose you want to work in your backyard instead of the garage. What will you do then? Simply, you will take the saw in the backyard. But the problem arises when you cannot transport it alone. 

Dewalt introduces a lightweight reciprocating saw. Due to its lightweight characteristic, you can shift it anywhere. This portability is a great relief for its users. 

Why Should You Buy DEWALT 20V DCS380B?

Interestingly, you can find numerous reasons to answer this question. Dewalt Reciprocating Saw is a highly efficient tool to cut through an object, irrespective of its density ratio. Primary, this reciprocating saw has four places to position blades. Either renovation, construction, or demolition task, every task requires a reciprocating saw. It’s a perfect tool for all jobs – from cutting wood to adjusting door frames. By buying this valuable tool, you will be capable to perform challenging construction tasks.

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